Here's The Widest And Busiest Highway in The World With 26 Lanes, Check Out The Country


The wideness of roads depends on the important of such road. If the road is an highway it's always something wide because it will reduce traffic congestion.

Roads all over the world have a lot of motorable lanes which has different sizes according to the nature of the road. They should be expressive and high speed modes, because the speed limits are high.

In a heavy traffic jam in Beijing, the world's largest number of roads ever created by motorists has 50 lanes on 20 roads but this was just one.

The world's busiest route with 26 lanes is also the largest in the world as well. The Houston Katy Freeway in Texas is famous for its heavy traffic every day so the Mayor of Houston upgraded to 26 lanes.

The Houston Katy freeway was used for mass jams with the Toronto 401, but only 18 lanes on the highway connecting Toronto to Ontario in Canada, the Houston Katy freeway.