" Disability Is Not Inability " Meet The Legendary Young Man Who Proves How Right This Statement Is.

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When they said that disability is not inability, they sure know how much potential everyone has in life.

Most of the disabled people sometimes feel like they have lost everything. Every hope of anyone ever looking their way and coming to help them.

This was the case for Nicodemus. He was lost hope if ever being back to school but the love he has received has overwhelmed him.

After performing very well in her KCSE, he received word saying that he had been admitted to Dedan kimathi University. Being an orphan, he didnt know if he had a shot at joining higher learning.

When his story was aired, netizens were empathetic and they came to the rescue, answering the prayers of this bright very abled young man.

Nicodemus received a full scholarship to study at USIU. He doesn't know how it happened, but everything has been taken care of.

His dream is to work as CS for finance one day.

Make it your initiative to help anyone in need. A little help goes a long way. Nicodemus has a great zeal for education and with such determination, he will go far.

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