Woman Shares How Her Brother Got Missing After His Son Sent Him To A Fetish Priest Shrine For Help

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A woman called Henrietta retells how her younger brother got missing after his son sent him to a fetish priest shrine in Kumasi. The woman said his younger brother called Jones Oduru who stays at Kunsu in Domeabra used to drink alcohol all the time. Her brother's son called Akwasi came for him and sent him to Kumasi.

The woman said Akwasi informed her the following day about his intentions to help his father to stop drinking. Henrietta said she was happy to hear that from the young man but Akwasi again told her that the man who wants to help his father has demanded for GHC1,200 before he will help his father. He again told her that he has only GHC800 so he needs the remaining amount before his father will get the treatment.

Henrietta continuously called him to ask about the well-being of her brother. About 1 month ago, she called her nephew but he told her that his father stopped drinking the alcohol for few weeks but he has started taking in alcohol again. Akwasi called in the evening to tell her that his father is nowhere to be found but she didn't hear anything from Akwasi again.

The family members also tried to get in touch with Akwasi but his phone was off. One month later, Akwasi called and revealed to her that he sent his father to a fetish priest shrine for help. He again told her that he couldn't pay for the amount the fetish priest requested that's why his father is still at the shrine.

Their family members did all that they could to let Akwasi give them a direction to the fetish priest shrine but he didn't help any of them to go to the shrine. They arrested Akwasi for not telling them the truth but the young man again told them that his father got a mental illness that's why he sent his father to the fetish priest shrine. Henrietta concluded that they have made an announcement at the various information centres but still they didn't find her brother.

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