Toyota Probox vs Toyota Succeed: Similarities and Major Differences Reviewed

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Similarities Between Toyota Succeed and Toyota Probox

The Toyota Succeed and Toyota Probox were both introduced in 2002. Toyota Succeed succeeded the Toyota Caldina Van and the Probox succeeded the Toyota Corolla Van. There design was based on their more advanced version of Toyota Fielder. They were designed as small multi-purpose vehicles(MPV) for light commercial needs.

The two types both received a facelift in 2014 to meet the changing needs of the clients better. The facelifts both feature efficient engines with reduced fuel consumption less by 18%. They now have large luggage compartments and are cost effective having a spacious interior and fairly comfortable seats. Recently, Toyota made some aesthetic improvements in the interior and exterior to make them more acceptable to families and more comfortable.

Major Differences Between Toyota Succeed and Toyota Probox

The Probox was marked as a light commercial vehicle while the Succeed is sold as a station wagon.

Toyota Succeed is larger than the Toyota Probox in length by 105mm and it has a larger cargo compartment by 20mm. The interior of the Toyota Succeed is designed so that it can be used as a station wagon meaning it a better family car while the Probox is designed as a light commercial MPV. The Toyota Probox is a basic version is a basic version of the Toyota Succeed.

Interior of Toyota Succeed

Interior of Toyota Probox

The Toyota Succeed has a weight capacity of 450kg while the Toyota Probox has a weight capacity of 400kg. Still in the interior, the Succeed has more comfortable seats than the Toyota Probox that has bench type seats.

Toyota Succeed seats

Toyota Probox seats

On fuel consumption, there is a slight difference where Toyota Succeed can run 15km/liter due to a slightly bigger engine while Toyota Probox can run 18km/liter.

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