I never knew gospel musician Gifty Osei got swag check out her recent pics


Welcome to Gyminy news and today before we get started, please take a few minutes of your time to hit the follow button on the top right corner of the page. Today I present to you some outstanding pictures of popular ghanaian gospel musician Gifty Osei.

Gifty Osei is one of the popular Ghanaian gospel musician who is known to have inspired a lot of people with her marvelous songs. Gifty Osei is known for her hit song "Adom" and "fefeefe". Award winning Gifty Osei was awarded the artiste of the year in the 2018 National Gospel Music Awards and In 2019, she led the nomination list in the Maranatha Global Worship Music Awards held in Kenya.

Gifty Osei was first married to a pastor but for one or two reasons, they got separated. According to Gifty Osei, she almost committed suicide when her marriage with the pastor failed.

Now Gifty Osei is happily married to NPP's Hopeson Adoye. Below shows pictures of Gifty Osei that proves that even though she is a gospel Musician, she has swag.

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