Importance of accepting your spiritual calling

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Well yes, it’s possible that everyone in the family can be spiritually gifted (mom,dad, siblings). 

Let’s break it down like this: you will find that a certain spirit is looking for a host (person) to attach itself to and to be fully functional at its level best. If you as a family hasn’t accepted the gift/calling it will move from one person to the other as it wants to work within someone. 

Hence at times you will find the whole family dreaming of beads, ancestral clothes,capes etc because no one has accepted the full functionality of the spirit. Once someone takes upon all these responsibilities the spirit is able to rest and work in one soul. 

At times you will find it’s different they will work differently in different individuals. and note that one can be a traditional healer then the other a prophet, meduim etc. 

There needs to be one person who aligns consulting room . We can all be spiritually gifted but not with the same gift, one can be gifted to see through dreams and visions, work with water,work with bones, imithi etc and these spirits could be from both sides of parents.

Hence it’s important to consult, phahla and ask your ancestors to show you in your dreams to know your main guides and not to be misled. 

You would find at times you start using traditional herbs. but the spirit you possess requires herbs and that’s when you create more blockages in your life. 

You take traditional herbs from Facebook and start using them and you create more chaos for yourself. 

Please do your research and know the spirits you possess and how they want to work within you.

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