Nigerian Bishop Reacts To Twitter Ban, Says Their May Be An Ulterior Motive Behind It

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The recent ban of Twitter as a social media in Nigeria has generated a lot of reactions from people. A lot of people have asked why the Nigerian government would take such a drastic decision and what it will gain from it. 

The Nigerian government banned Twitter after it deleted its tweet and because of the misinformation and fake news which it claimed the bird app was fond of sharing. 

Meanwhile, a bishop in Nigeria has accused the Nigerian government of working against God through its ban of twitter. The Bishop, Seun Adeboye, who is also the founder of Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministry in Osogbo, on Tuesday issued a statement containing his reaction. 

In this statement, Bishop Seun said that there was an ulterior motive behind the ban of twitter. He said that it was a move by the government to stop the use of the social media platform as a means of communication with the outside world. The content of this statement were partly reported by Daily Post, an online Daily Newspaper in Nigeria, thus;

“We need to read the line correctly. Since the pronouncement of the ban by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, have you heard any prominent figure from the North speaking against the Twitter ban?”

“Did we read anything from the prolific writer and Professor who was the head of a group called MURIC saying anything? No. The reason was because Buhari was only carrying out part of their demonic agenda”. 

As it seems, the Nigerian Bishop sees Twitter Ban as a demonic agenda which will have repercussions. However, this is only the view of the pastor as they say, everyone is entitled to his or her opinions. 

What do you think of the bishop's accusation of ulterior motives behind Twitter Ban? 

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