Trouble for UDA in Kiambaa as Police Block another Key Event


As reported by the the former leader of majority Hon Irungu Kangata and deputy president's close allie from cental region has revealed the trouble being faced by UDA in Kiambaa.

He said, "POLICE have been deployed to block UDA sponsored sports finals in Banana Kiambaa constituency which had been booked in advance."

The sporting events attract large gatherings from fans and players, being a final match it was expected that thousands of people would attend the event giving the UDA party an opportunity to sell their party's agenda.

It was alleged that the UDA and function organizers never sort any Permit to use the filed as alleged by one Netizens Hart, "You never sought authorization to use Kiambaa field neither did you notify the police. Which doctorate makes one this foolish..."

Here is what Netizens had to say; Maoud, "Citizens including children are being hijacked and murdered all over and police officers are deployed on political conspiracies. SHENZI."

Hon. Kiroria, "Your team in Meru is trailing anti UDA and killing them! We're now in hospital handling a case of poisoning!"

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