There was an improvement for Western Cape in regard to the 2021 Matric results

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It is a day after the Minister of Basic Education announced the 2021 Matric results . It was good news however for the Western Cape province as there was an a rise in regard to the pass rate by 1.3 % in comparison with what was attained in 2020 .

The eNCA managed to send its reporter to Scottville High School , in Western Cape which achieved a pass rate of 64.5% , up by about 21 % in comparison to what was achieved in 2020 .The Principal reportedly said that he was excited with the achievement of the school .

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Mr Henry Hockey , who is the Principal of Scottville High School said that he was happy with what his school had achieved . The pass rate for the school increased significantly from below 30% to almost 65% .He went on and said that their achievement came as a result of hard work and commitment despite the challenges that were faced by the school .

The principal went on and said that they would continue to work harder to achieve good results .It was shared how the pandemic had impact on the learning process and how the school and learners got affected .

The 2021 Matric learners were made to attend school even on weekends and the hard work paid .It was shared that there were 12 Bachelor passes and Diplomas in their thirties .

As for the learners who did not manage to pass , the principal said that they did well but they only needed to rewrite and work on a few weaknesses .The Principal promised to keep supporting the learners who did not do well in their exams .It was also revealed that there would be remarking for some of the candidates who did not manage to pass and it is set to help them a lot .


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