Is Uzalo gone for good?

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Uzalo, the most watched show in South Africa is nolonger on television.

Uzalo is a South African produced soap. It tells a story of two families in KwaMashu township in Durban. The Mdletshe family is responsible for the management of the Kwamashu Kingdom Church (KKC) while the Xulu family runs businesses that act as a front to cover up the stealing and selling of cars as they run a car theft syndicate.

The connection between these families is that their eldest sons were switched at birth and that was only discovered when the two boys were on their late twenties. On February this year (2020) the show started playing season six but has unfortunately stopped showing on television right in the middle of the season.

A few years back Generations which also plays on SABC1 right before uZalo, took a production break and came back as Generations The Legacy with new characters. We do not know if uZalo will do the same or if it will ever come back again hence the people have already started embracing the new show 'Makoti'.

Shows like uZalo bring families together to watch TV hence it shows real life issues that take place in our societies or townships. We hope the show comes back.

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