Maree says what happens if the existing government resigns before 2024, see what SA says

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I have a serious question directed to experts on our South African Constitution and parliament.

My question: 

What happens if the existing government resigns, due to pressure by SA citizens, before the 2024 general election?

It won’t happen, unfortunately, That is accurately our problem in SA. We got so used to crime, corruption and poor service delivery, we have given up. 

If we do not demand, we will not get any results. Our life in SA is the result of our decisions and choices. As simple as that. Well summarized Stephan.

A prevalence of #ZimSyndrome in SA now. “Lets just accept the looting and bad governance” So you think there is a chance that the ANC govt will resign? The problem we have in SA is that race is used to cover up for ANC mess. That's why we don't see people protest against ANC or referendum, u can see with all the talk in about race. Eff is using the same strategy. That's what keeping ANC in power I hope we save the country in time, 

We the people of SA, need to raise above gutter politics to give our demands substance. 

Fact is, we have to make a choice.

Go on as is,


Demand the resignation of government and set an interim government in place by way of the process described by the constitution. Majority of black people are told that apartheid will come back. Divide and rule, that's what is being used by eff and ANC. Eg media sell best if white fights black not black fight whites.. We can't raise above that in politics, bcos it's voting for them. Zulu or venda or sotho don't get along its call tribalism something but do invest our energy towards that no. Why don't we see the same words towards Indians or coloreds? It's only for whites, why only them. What should they do when people are still experiencing racism and hatred in this country.

There's no way majority blacks can vote for a white government. Do you believe the ANC will willingly (and without violence) leave their government position if voted out in 2024?

What are the chances of them going the mad Bob route, refusing to vacate?

And then what. 


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