She posted her picture and left everyone speechless

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Lamiez Holworthy (born 12 June 1992 in Pretoria, Gauteng Province) is a South African Disc Jockey and TV personality. She is popular for being the host on the music show Live Amp on SABC1. She was an underground Deejay for years and joined showbiz in 2013. She has managed to make a name for herself in the industry despite the struggles her family faced. Her mother was encouraging as she made sure that Lamiez was provided with all the important Deejay equipment.

She recently posted her picture in her Twitter account and tweeps were left speechless. People could not stop complementing how beautiful she is. Her body structure is amazing. Others told her how much they love her and admire her work. Others loved the background and said that it reminds them of a cartoon movie called moana. It looks like she is in Namibia.

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