Meet Njeri Wajesus, Sister To Online Content Creator, Milly.

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Njeri Wajesus is the youngest sister in the family of Milly. Njeri recently celebrated her fourteenth birthday. Milly is the wife to Kabi Wajesus. Milly Njeri recently finished her class eight studies and she is yet to join High School. Njeri is currently an aunt to Taji Wajesus and sister in law to Kabi.

Njeri Wajesus is a good dancer and dancing is one of her most favorite hobbies. Recently, Kabi Wajesus is teaching Njeri Wajesus on how to become a top brand Influencer. Kabi is always showing Njeri Wajesus, how to become a brand Influencer. Currently, Njeri helps Kabi and Milly to participate in latest Trending Tik Tok Songs.

Today Njeri has decided to step out in a pink cap, pink glasses and a beautiful short dress. Njeri looked so confident as she walked majestically. Her level of Confidence is just on a top notch. See latest Screenshots of Njeri's latest posts.

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