Uncontrollable Emotions As Unknown People Kills A Crippled Man And Rapes His Pregnant Wife


Residents of Teremi in Bungoma County were left in great tears and emotions after a Crippled or rather a disabled man was killed by unknown people.

To make worse matters worst the heartless and inhumane people left the deceased wife hospitalised after they raped her mercilessly.

Speaking to the West TV media, the Bungoma County Women Representative Catherine Wambilianga join others to rebuke the weird action.

She insisted that the Police Officers should hasten up the investigation and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to books. The Woman Rep and other politicians promised to ensure the wellbeing of the deceasesd's wife.

The cause of the deceasesd's killings and his wife's rape is unknown. The Member of Parliament for Kabuchai Constituency said that the Security officers.ust produce a report of killings about the deceased failure to which he will prese t a motion on the floor of national assembly to question the the Security apparatus about the security of Kabuchai Constituency.

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