My Saudi Arabian Boss Burnt My Hand With Hot Water And Threatened To Kill Me If I Tell Police— Lady

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A Kenyan lady identified as Faith Murungu has narrated the story of how she was maltreated by her Saudi Arabian boss after she travelled to the country in search of a greener pasture. While narrating her experience, the lady stated that her journey to Saudi Arabia started in a village called Syokimau in Kenya, where she underwent training on how to become a good housemaid.

Upon arrival in the Arabian country, her passport was taken away by her employer and then she was told that the first task she would do was smuggling a cache of drugs through her private parts. She wanted to reject the task but she has no choice.

Subsequently, her boss started beating her for no reason. There was a day that he asked her to bring a cup for him but because she did not learn Arabic well at that time, she brought a spoon for him. He beat her mercilessly and then poured hot water on her hand. He then threatened to kill her if she discloses that he was the one who burnt her hand. He asked her to tell the authorities that she mistakenly burnt herself.

All efforts to reach the Kenyan embassy at that time proved abortive because her boss was too harsh on her. She even lost the hope of returning to Kenya but she managed to reach a nearby red cross office where she finally got help.

"Experience is the best teacher. I would not tell anyone whether to go to Saudi Arabia or not. But before you go, find out whether the agency taking you there is genuine or not." Murunga stated.

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