"I Ordered A Baby Design Cake And It Came Looking Like Cyril Ramaphosa"- Kamo Marven

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"I order a cake for my son then this lady gives me a cake of a baby Cyril Ramaphosa Pouting face"


Kamo Marven is one of those customers who were also scammed online. She explains on how a lady claimed that she bakes cakes and the pictures she sent seemed to show that she is veru good at what she is doing. 

The lady's identity was not revealed or even details. Kamo complained on Twitter and shared the cake that she received. She explains that she has ordered a birthday cake for her child and she already paid for it. 

On the day of the ceremony the cake came looking like Cyril Ramaphosa's pounting face. The face of the cake and colour were too dark and the baby imagine looked like someone who is old. 

@Joy, "Mara really and what's this suppose to be I'm sure your son couldn't stop crying because nna I'm traumatized by this"

@Mash, "O sure you didn't order from 



@Demmy, "So you telling us that you gonna eat that aye usitholaphi isibindi sokusika daideng"

@Lady T, "Are you sure your son doesn't look like this"

Source- Daily Sun

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