Some men are proposing in this weird way. They claim proposal is temporary but drip is eternal


Proposals are arguably the most important part every relationship can ever have. Like we were taught in the Physics class, the principle of proposing to your loved one is just like that of a pivot which determines the turning point of whatever has gone into the relationship from the first day.

That moment defies all odds and makes a certain statement to your soulmate and even the world at large. The statement is simple, you just tell the whole world that the person you are dating has always been the right person you can ever be with.

When this moment arrives, the joy it creates is overwhelming as it is the first start to a new beginning.

Now, to the main topic concerning this article, usually men bend the knee when proposing to their partners which is perfectly normal but these guys I am about talking about did things which surely raises concern.

Looking at the picture below, this nice guy proposed to his girlfriend in a very beautiful manner without even caring about his shoes.

He knew there was a hundred percent probability of his nice shoe creasing but that didn't bother him because he realized that moment was to be honored with all the love and care he ever had. He could buy another shoe if it got spoilt but never is there a second chance for proposal. This is solid.

Well, that is how lucky his girlfriend is because there is this next set of guys I'm about showing you who have always believed in one principle.

Their principle is simple, "Proposal is temporary but drip is eternal". They have always known that even after the proposal is over, the have to look good and perfect and therefore, they are never risking creasing their nice sneakers.

There is no way they are going to buy expensive sneakers only to cause folds in a moment which wouldn't even last for more than 3 minutes. These guys decided to remove their sneakers before kneeling down to propose. Take a look at them below;

This guy over here is telling the world that there is no way he is going to betray the "dripping fraternity". He will rather remove those sneakers and wear them after it all goes down. He is a legend, I stun.

At this moment, you do realize that the ladies are so caught up in the lovely moment such that they don't even realize their lovers had removed their shoes.

This is what these guys are trying to communicate to the world. If a lady loves you, no matter what you do, they will still love you.

They removed their shoes before proposing and still heard "Yes, I will" yet some people are wearing shoes and are being rejected.

Some people think this is a huge disrespect to ladies since it is trying to place a high value on the shoes over the ladies. Many ladies are talking about the fact that if you ever do that in front of them, they are going to slap you and reject the proposal

Now to you over here reading, I want to ask you these two simple questions.

Would you accept your partner's proposal as a lady if he ever did this? And question number two, would you feel okay as a man doing this in front of the love of your life?