Boyfriend Attacked By His Girlfriend After He Was Found Having An Affair With Another Woman

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Thee Pluto show is a YouTube program which was started and is hosted by thee pluto. Thee pluto show occurs on his you tube platform. Thee pluto show mostly tries to follow up on lovers to find out whether they are lying on one another or they are faithful to each other.

While thee pluto was on his up and down activities specifically trying to have something to eat in a hotel he saw two lovers which he approached with his crew and tried to check whether they are faithful to one another.

These two lovers are very young in their relationship, they had known each other for about three months but dating had happened for like a month. Thee pluto show tried to identify whether they were true to one another by exchanging their phones and going through the conversations.

The lady was on the safe part she was sincere to her boyfriend sol. Sol on the other side apparently was not being faithful to her and was Alleged to be cheating on her with another lady by the name Ivy. This led to a tension among the couple with the lady feeling betrayed. All the best to them as they try to solve put this issue.

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