5 Signs A Girl Wants You To Make A Move


A girl that is attracted to you will be giving you some signs that show she wants to be approached by you.

Check out the signs she wants you to ask her out.

1. When she craves your attention. If a girl wants you to approach her, the first thing she will want from you is your attention. The girl will try all her best to find a spot near you where you can see her. She takes up a spot alone so you can see she is open to be spoken to.

2. When she meets your eye and smiles. A girl who doesn't love you will immediately look away, and avoid looking in your general direction again. If a girl is interested in you and meets your eye 2 to 3 times, and smiles, it shows that she wants you to make a move.

3. When she is careful not to hurt your feelings. She will always be apologizing frequently for little mistakes because she is expecting further action from you. So, she won't want to offend you or hurt your feelings.

4. Not only that, but she is looking good to attract you. She will always look so beautiful, and attractive. She is trying to send a message that you should ask her out. As a guy, you have got to decode the message and express your love for her.

5. When she initiates contact with you. She will find a way to communicate with you or reach out to you to know if all is well with you. The girl has feelings for you which her natural self cannot continue to deny. It is a clear sign that shows she loves you.

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