Common Ways To Survive Bedbugs infestation


Every time we go to sleep and especially when it's on someone else bed, we get worried of being attacked by these blood suckers.

Bedbugs are very small in nature and they grow tremendously, by sucking your blood. The most astonishing thing is that, they can suck your blood 3 times their body size. A female bedbug can lay 5 eggs in one day and 100 eggs in her lifetime. Her eggs hatch within 4 to 12 days. Therefore, when you let them in your house, they will be everywhere before you think of fumigation and they can kill you. Their infestation increases as days goes by, and they can hide very well to a point you won't be able to notice them until it's s too late.

Below are ways to survive Bedbugs;

1. Keep your luggage off the bed. Incase you are travelling and you have to lodge or you have sleep on someone else bed, do not unpack your luggage on that bed since bedbugs can jump and hide in your clothes and you carry them back to your house. When you get back to your house, remember to wash all the clothes you had just to be sure.

2. Look for the Signs. Some of the earliest sign of bedbug infestation, and the most common is rusty or dark spot on your pillows or mattress. As soon as you see the above sign respond immediately.

3. Seek help from professionals. When you use the common pesticides to fumigate, you will only kill afew of them, this is because, this are suckers that evolve rapidly and they can withstand any common pesticide. 

4. Spread the Word. Incase you are living in an apartment where there are other tenants. On the day of fumigation by professionals, spread the word to your neighbours so as to avoid accidents caused by methods used by the professionals to kill bedbugs.


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