Armed Robbers Strike Again, Shoot Driver In Another Deadly Heist


Armed robbers have struck again in Takoradi but this time around, the life of a taxi driver is involved. The Taxi Driver, Raymond Otchere works within Sekondi Takoradi with his WR 766-21 registered Toyota Yaris. During one of his errands, an unidentified man stopped the car and requested to be taken to Kojokrom, a suburb in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis.

The Taxi Driver obliged, and the two enjoyed a comfortable ride. When they arrived at Kojokrom, the unidentified man dressed in all black attire told the driver to continue the journey to Essikadu where he will be meeting someone else there.

At this point, the driver was happy because the longer the ride, the more his sales increases. They eventually got to Essikadu and the man asked the driver to continue to Sekondi where the unidentified man left the car. After spending some time in Sekondi, he came back and asked the driver to take him back to Kojokrom.

On their way, the man who was occupying the back seat of the vehicle pulled out a gun. It was around 8: 30 PM in the evening. The armed robber was not merciful to the driver. He fired the first bullet from his pistol and it went straight into the ribs of the thirty-two-year-old driver. With blood dripping from him, the driver went into unconsciousness and the armed robber decided to alight from his seat to pull the driver out and drive the vehicle away.

But the miracles of the Lord were at hand and the driver came out of his consciousness. He quickly drove off his car away in the pool of blood and left the armed robber in the middle of the road. The pistol of the armed robber was left in the car and has been handed over to the Police for further investigations.

The armed robber has since not been identified but the condition of the driver is getting worse. His bills are currently being paid by his car owner. The police have commenced investigations into the matter. The taxi was also affected by the bullet.


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