ODM Legal Experts 'Praises' CJ Koome After Appointment of 34 Judges, Says This About The Remaining


The issues surrounding the Judiciary have reigned the Kenya's space for some time now. This started after the appointment of a new Chief Justice Martha Koome, then President Uhuru's criticism to High Court judges who nullified BBI.

This further took course after the president left out six judges and appointed 34 of their colleagues who were already vetted and approved by the Judicial Service Commission, JSC.

The failure by the president to appoint the 6 judges has elicited mixed reaction from not only constitutional, legal experts but also political outfits.

The Orange Democratic Movement party legal caucus on Wednesday through a statement addressed to the former Chief Justice Dr. Mutunga, praised Lady Justice Martha Koome.

The legal experts from the party argued that the CJ intervened through her negotiation talks with the Executive as she revealed during her interview, and this led to the appointment of the judges.

"She is doing exactly what she said she will do, she is negotiating, and we have seen the fruits of that negotiations.We now have 34 judges instead of none.." read part of the statement.

The team went on to add that the CJ should use her 'negotiation skills' to get along with the Executive to appoint the remaining judges, so that the matter is sorted once and for all.

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