Nana Agradaa Truly Arrested For Money Doubling Scam ?


Money answereth all things. Indeed money is good and if I were a woman I will choose money over love any day any time because when poverty comes through the door, love normally flashes out through the window. But truly money does not guarantee happiness and not all relationships fail without money

The issue of money doubling scams in Ghana has been trending lately especially in the wake of the Kasoa teen murders. As much as the mallams who advertised these things or people like Nana Agradaa may be culpable, the main culprits are the people who believe these things to the extent that they will hand over money to someone to double it for them

It's true ritual money exists. Its also possible for people to use human beings, dead or alive for money rituals. But it's not possible for anyone to spiritually double money for anyone. The only way you can double your money physically and spiritually is through investment and hard work using the brains God has given you. If you are lucky to be blessed with a talent that no one has then you need less of the brain.

There are certain crimes that authorities need to consider again when arresting alleged accusers and one of such crimes is the money doubling scam. The authorities must also consider arresting the complainants in such crimes. Both the complainant and the accused must be arrested

It's a spiritual crime for anyone to be so lazy to the extent that he or she can accept the idea that money can be double for him or her.