Opinion: Why The World Cup Should Not Be Held Every Two Years

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The World Cup is the greatest tournament in the game of football across all ages, and it will continue to be so as it brings the whole world together, fired up with the same passion.

There has been speculation about the idea of playing the World Cup every two years to promote the event and generate more revenue. Apart from the revenue, there is no other reason such an idea could be developed.

Hugo Lloris has given his opinion on the idea of the World Cup being played every two years. The Tottenham Hotspurs star claimed that the World Cup will lose its rarity and it is a tournament that should continue to be something rare and to be held every four years makes the event more protected.

The prestige of the World Cup needs to be preserved by the corrupt businessmen who want to exploit the supporters of the game.

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Opinion: Share your thoughts about the idea of the World Cup being played every two years.

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