New Rift Valley Regional Commander Sends Message to Kerio Valley as He Assumes Office

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The new Rift Valley Regional Commander who took over from George Natembeya has sent a strong warning to the bandits that operate in the din of the Kerio Valley that their days are numbered.

Picture courtesy. RC Mohamed Maalim.

The new regional Commander, in a press conference at his office in Nakuru where he took over the mantle as the highest authority in the region, reminded the bandits that their days of terrorizing Kenyans are coming to an end.

Mohamed Maalim took over from Natembeya a few days ago and it will not be an easy task to fill the shoes of the regional Commander who ensured the region had some semblance of stability amid the ever swelling crisis in the Kerio Valley.

Many Kenyans have lost their lives inside the Kerio Valley with hundreds of heads of cattle lost as well to the bandits who are now prone to this behavior with little challenge from the security forces in the area.

Here is the full video from the press conference.


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