Missing Child: Why Prophet Sotitobire opens defence


Prophet Babatunde Alfa, Founder of Sotitobire Praising Chapel has triggered defence in his ongoing prosecution over the missing of a one -year- old boy, Gold Kolawole.

Gold was among the children unit of his church by his parents last year and was never seen again.

The Prophet told an Ondo High Court that he would beckon 20 bystanders, including his wife, Bisola

Adviser to Olusola Oke told the court the twenty spectators would also confirm for 6 other defendants.

Bisola, who arose as first defence bystander, said her husband exhibited interest and took reasonable action to search the missing boy before his detention by the DSS.

During a cross investigation by the lead Prosecutor Adekola Olawoye, the Commissioner for Justice, Mrs Alfa said her husband never told her he doubted anyone of complicity in the lawsuit but a declaration by the Prophet presented as exhibit said he doubted the 4th defendant, Grace Ogunjobi of manipulation in the incident.

Oluwasiji Olaniyi, a pastor in the church, said they spent all evening praying in the cathedral the day the baby got lost.

He notified the court Alfa condemned Gold’s father of knowing the location of his son but the Gold’s mother intimidated to injure him if he does not bring out the toddler.

Alfa and his co-defendants are standing are to be prosecuted on a 3 count charge to encompass conspiracy to support and abet Kidnapping, Kidnapping and shattering information.

The case was broken off to Monday for a continuance of defence.

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