OPINION| Politicians Bring Wrong Promises Through Manifestos

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I strongly believe that political parties don't just come up with promises over night without any side framework, or clear plan at their disposal as to how to achieve or do what they've promised the constituency or public, that would be selfish of them to make baseless promises

But to say socialist centred promises lack practical is totally ain't true, even ANC as the ruling party with power has its own framework, it's just that their plans on how to make South Africa a better place failed several times. From what I have seen, read and engaged in conversations about, people have trust concerns and have raised valid questions. People want an alternative to the ruling party, and at the end of the day, ours is just an opinion. And opinions will differ and garner varied counter-opinions. It's the nature of things, particularly politics. Emotions aside. Ultimately, people will make up their own minds about who deserves their vote

The ruling party has enabled public sector corruption and the systemic collapse of law enforcement agencies, what we have is a toothless government and SA is in desperate need of teeth and bite and people that will put law and order and accountability at the centre. The EFF manifesto spoke strongly about that, we ain't going anywhere as long as the patronage taps are still open, I agree fully


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