DateRush: A Lady Stirs Up Emotions After Finally Finding Her Date On The Show - Highlights


Date Rush - a flagship date and relationship reality show of Media General's Tv3 has become the favourite television program of Ghanaians since the first season because of the drama and excitements it comes with.

Last night episode which was episode 4 of season 5 was full of drama and emotional ridden as a lady who has been through the whole of season 4 but couldn't find a date, happily found a date by the skin of her teeth in this season.

Bella has been hit with heart breaks on the show severally by gentlemen she found interest in and shed hard tears most on these occasions, however as the shows slogan go "Everybody deserves love", she found her love in one fine gentleman known as Koffie aka Kodark.

Koffie, an artist and a model came on the show as the second guy after Sammy left without a date. After his third video was shown, only four of the ladies had their Rushes on including Cindy, Fatima and Bella.

Koffie turned off two of the Rushes as part of the rules of the show and was left with Bella and Fatima. After asking them a question and receiving their answers, tall and handsome looking Koffie made a decision to go on a date with Bella.

Bella beaming with much ecstasy jumped high forgetting she was in a high heel to romantically hug her newly found date. This gesture on the part of Bella which came after finally finding a date on the show left lovers of the show emotional. Her finding a date on the show was long overdue.

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