David Ndii Reveals What Increases Theft In An Organisation Or Any Country


David Ndii has Revealed that rapid expansion of an institution or country is the real cause of theft. David says it's through this expansion that cartels get an opportunity to loot and embezzle funds for personal gains.

This expansion increases theft in that the masterminds of the same over budget to get something in their pockets. They also create other ways to get these funds made for developments trickle to their pockets.

"Rapid expansion is a red flag for theft. Projects are how organisations and countries are looted", David Ndii said.

David Ndii was replying to soko analyst who said uchumi collapsed because of theft, nakumatt collapsed because of theft and also tuskys fed off due to theft. These were Kenyas largest supermarkets which Collapsed due to mismanagement.

"Uchumi died because of theft. Nakumatt died because of theft. Tuskys died because of theft", soko analyst said.

This is also being experienced in our country where money meant for development is stolen and ends in scandals. Transparency and accountability is a monster that remains unfought in our institutions and countries.

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