Good News To Kenyans As The Government Spokesperson Mr Cyrus Oguna Delivers This Other News


After the entry of the Corona disease to Kenyan territory, The goverment have been giving out instant updates and directives meant to curb the spread of this disease.

The goverment have been doing this through its spokesperson Retired Canal Cyrus Oguna. Some of the Oguna's news and directives had been found to be useful to people yet they are not easy to put into actions.

Now, today, it seemed that things were different with Oguna. Today, Oguna's news to the public were very pleasing as it never talked about the Corona disease updates nor directives. In turn, Oguna's message talked about the rains expectations in the country.

As established by the star through their Twitter account, Mr Oguna revealed to the public that the nation is expecting long rains in some few days to come.

This message by Oguna is a good news to kenyans bearing in your mind that Kenya is an agricultural country which means that the expected rainfall will be beneficial to the nation at Large.

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