"I Have Being In Saudi For Six Years And My Employers Have Never Mistreated Me, Lady Narrates

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When Pauline mbugua spoke about her six-year stay in Saudi Arabia, she explained that she's never been mistreated by her employer since she reads her contract well and understands her legal rights.

After six years in Saudi Arabia, she claims to have worked in three different homes and relished every minute of her two-year contracts.

In her opinion, a lot of Kenyan women are put through hell because they don't read their contracts well before signing them, and then when they get there, they just do whatever is asked of them.

According to Pauline, if your contract specifies that you are to work in a house with six people but you discover that there are actually eight people living there, you should refuse to do any job for the other two right away since you will be mistreated if you do.

Despite the fact that her husband had died, she was able to acquire a parcel of land and make other investments thanks to her parents, who have taken care of her children since.

On the subject of Saudi Arabia, her advice to the girls who are thinking of travelling there to work is that they should be aware of their rights and that they will enjoy their time there.

Source: https://youtu.be/OxyXiBRJtHU

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