#FixYourself Must Collaborate With Us To Make Ghana Great- Efia Odo


It's such an unexpected call from a lead activist of the #FixTheCountry campaigners, Efia Odo to have suggested a collaboration between them and those from the #FixYourSelf campaign. No one knows where this is coming from but Efia Odo clearly has a motive behind the 'joining of forces'.

In her latest video post on Facebook, the young actress argued that it's about time they reason along common grounds, and that "is to make Ghana work." She indicated that her active participation in the activism is not because of any inducement but for the love she has for her home country.

"I just want us to work together and make Ghana great," she stressed in a more passionate comment.

Efia Odo emphasized that the rival orientation between the two groups wouldn't help in any sense, adding that there should be some compromises.

She admitted that both sides are right in their call, especially when there is a need to "fix our way of thinking."

"And if they say we should fix ourselves, we actually need to fix our way of thinking. I understand both sides of the argument but it should be a collaboration between the two."

She argued that if Ghanaians could support the #BlackLivesMatter protest, they should exhaust the same energy into a campaign to get what Ghanaians deserve.

"I wish people who say Ghanaians deserve better as Black Lives matter."

She went further to argue that everyone would wish to live in a developed nation, adding that we must believe in building our home country just as we wish to enjoy overseas. To her, traveling abroad is only suitable for a vacation or some shopping.

"Sometimes our mentality is terrible. We can always come together as a people and speak for what we deserve. I love Ghana ooo. I'd rather travel abroad for a vacation or shopping, but Ghana is home!

"I am not in this for anyone's money. I can't be paid. I am not a cheap girl. I'm so expensive niggas can't buy me. Nobody can buy me!" she exclaimed.

Efia Odo took the opportunity to debunk claims that she has been paid off to support the campaign. According to her, she is independent of anyone's influence.

"There are some people who have been paid off but I am not the type," she revealed.

Watch the video here.

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