Man Gets Humiliated After Running Away With 4 Loaves Of Bread He Took From Bread Seller


Nigerian comedy and prank industry is becoming something else as they risk being humiliated or beaten just to make a video.

He stopped a lady who Hawks bread and butter on the road and took about four loaves of bread and a butter with him. When the lady requested for her money, he started telling him that he can't pay immediately that she should come back at the same spot tommorow for her money. The lady became angry and requested he returns the bread, he refused and starts walking away with bread.

The lady being oblivious that it was just a prank rushed him and with the help of some residents around, they force collected the bread and gave it to the seller. He tried to create a fuss until some boys came with long sticks to flog him. See video of what happened after he took the bread:-

Meanwhile, after this video was posted on Instagram by King Tunde Ednut, many users reacted on it laughing but there are some people who found it annoying as he was practically using the poor lady's business for pranks without giving her any money.

Moreso, some users assured that most prank artist normally compensate the individuals they pranked with money. What are your thoughts on this? Is it right to using someone's business?

Source:- King Tunde Ednut || Instagram App