Meet Eshter Musila Fiancee to Popular Gospel Musician Guardian Angel


We can all testify that age is just but a number when two individuals are in love. Unlike the traditional way where it was seen that women where married to older men in this current generation men seem to be marrying women who are older than them.

To take an example of Guardian Angel and Eshter Musila. The two have been in a relationship for a while now despite people hating on their age difference. Eshter Musila, a 51-year-old woman was born in 1970. She has three kids aged, 30,27 and 23. She met guardian Angel through radio. She is a fitness enthusiast and that helps her body to stay fit and much younger.

She as worked before as an international civil servant for the United Nations. She has also held the position of program manager in charge of coordinating successful water and sanitation program in Lagos and Nepal. She said to be so financially stable. During her 51st birthday, Guardian couldn't hide his love for her as he proposed to her during the surprise birthday party.

Below are some of their photos together.