Zora; Nana Receives The Best News Of Her Life From Madiba

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In the Episode,Nana has been praying to get back with Madiba because she believes she is carrying his child. Madiba had been neglecting Nana for a long time because he is in love with Zora. Since the day Zelena told Madiba that it was Zora who hit their auntie Loretta, Madiba lost interest with Zora.

Madiba visits Nana with a bouquet of flowers plus an engagement ring. He proposed to Nana that he is now serious and wants to marry her. He wants to be with his family, meaning Nana and their unborn child. Nana is over the moon hearing the news and she accepts Madiba's request to leave with him.

They all go to the hospital for baby tests and goes back to the house like a happy couple. Will Madiba stop loving Zora for good,share your comment on this and don't forget to follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya.

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