See More Pictures From The Tragedy That Happened Today At New Artisan Market, Enugu


There was a Chaos at the New Artisan Market in Enugu state. Traders in the New Artisan Market in Enugu State has blocked the major road that leads to the market. The angry traders also burn and destroy properties and chase government officials out of the market.

The writer, Frankreport was able to join the live broadcast hosted by BBC Pigin, and was able to gather every information concerning the chaos that sprout in New Artisan Market today. The writer was able to watch the video from the beginning to the end.

These traders who initially sell at the Artisan Market were relocated to the New Artisan Market where government asked them to stay for a limited time. The time given to them to leave there has expired so the government demolished the area as they refused to leave the area.

These traders burn cars during the "protest." After they they were chased away, government officials latter returned back to the scene to return calmness to the area.

An eyewitness confirmed to BBC news that the Housa/Fulani traders were initially told by the government to leave their current position but they refused. So government official decided to demolish the particular position as the time given to them to vacate has elapsed. While the demolition was ongoing, the engraved traders started destroying properties, burning cars and even looted people's goods.

The eyewitness confirmed that the angry traders even tried to burn down the NNPC filling station that is close to the market.

Apart from the police that came, soldiers also came to return calmness to the market. Some people were reportedly arrested as well.

Another eyewitness confirmed that they had killed a policeman in the area previously before they were chased to their current position.

See pictures from the video.

Source: BBC News Pigin

More pictures from the incident.


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