Deadly Accident Between Truck and Personal Car Next to Alliance High School

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Motorists are always advised to be extra careful on the roads to avoid any kind of unnecessary accidents that sometimes lead to loss of lives.

Picture Courtesy. Image from the scene.

These accidents can sometimes be avoided if there is adherence to traffic rules as well as ensuring that vehicles are driven at speeds that are manageable.

This evening, there has been a deadly accident on the busy Southern Bypass Highway.

The accident involved a personal car and a light truck just next to the famous Alliance High School.

Efforts of rescue are underway on the busy highway to ensure that the injured are rushed to the hospital.

It's still unclear as to the number of people that have been injured in the accident that happened a few moments ago.

Traffic is building up on the road but police are on the scene to contain the mess that has been created.

We urge drivers to always ensure that they are careful on the roads especially during rush hours as more accidents seem to happen at this time.


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