Nyota Ndogo Claps Back At Fan Claiming She Is Forcing Herself On Mzungu Boyfriend

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Coastal based singer Nyota Ndogo was slammed by one of her fans after she penned a sweet birthday message to her Mzungu husband, Henning Nielsen.

"Mimi nakupenda sana na unajua my love. Siogopi kusema hadharani nakupenda. Your stone face loves you so much, "she shared on her page.

She also revealed that the lover calls her "stone face" because she always rarely laughs when he is around.

While some fans joined her in sending happy birthday wishes, one identified as Emma Festo chose a different path.

Emma wrote that Nyota should accept that she was left by the foreign lover and stop forcing love.

She added that Henning is at home with his first wife and kids living a happy life.

"Wewe nawe mzungu mwenyewe yuko kwao na bibi mkubwa na watoto wake. Mkiachwa muwe mnaachika basi. Kila leo my husband huchoki. Hata kama unampenda sio kila mtu ajue hata kua mzungu wako kwakumpenda," she poked holes.

The musician turned businesswoman quickly replied the comment by asking who had been left.

She also asked the critic to go and post herself on her wall if she did not have a man to post.

"Nimesema happy birthday mume wangu sijataja rangi. Mbona unalazimisha nimeachika. Nani amewachwa?

Nenda kwa wall yako ukajipost kama huna wa kumpost. Mzungu anakuuma sana. Wall yangu inakusumbulia nini?" she replied angrily.

Nyota has always been criticised for marrying a man older than her, but that has never deterred her from loving her man unconditionally.

The mother of two always showers her Danish hubby with love, and recently, she revealed she was missing his sweat after he left the country.

In a past interview, Nyota revealed Nielsen undertook a vasectomy operation and declined to have more children because he has three children from his previous marriage.

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