The Most Complete Premier League Star Who is Loved By All The Fans in England

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When a player starts playing in the English Premier league or joins one of the top six teams there are high chances he will be loved by the fans and even ones from the rivals.

If one of these stars becomes a fan favorite the supporters will keep on calling and chanting him during games. Most of these get enough love and support from the first day in the club but others are never loved by the fans.

In football, there have been very few players who get enough love and support from their rivals. A good example of players who were adored by almost every football fan is Andrea Pirlo, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Fernando Torres, Andres Iniesta, and Philip Lahm, among others.

In the English Premier League getting such huge support and love is very rare and requires a highly talented player who is a great entertainer to watch. Some good names in England are loved by most of the fans but Manchester City skipper Kevin de Bruyne comes out on top.

The Belgium playmaker has been considered the most complete player in the Premier League since he joined the top flight back in 2015 from VfL Wolfsburg.

The 3-year-old is renowned for scoring spectacular goals, great long-range passes, crosses, ability to read the game, dibble, dominate the midfield and make killer passes. De Bruyne is a pure entertainer on the pitch and he has emerged as the most complete player in the Premier League.

Every fan loves to watch the Manchester City midfielder due to the magic he performs on the pitch like no other attacking midfielder in the Premier League. He has won a couple of great personal awards in the league and he will go down as one of the greatest players in Premier League history.

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