Mzansi:Julius Malema To Thohoyandou See What People Are Saying See Here

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[In Pictures] The mood is high in Thohoyandou as we gear up for the #EFFJune16Rally.Every street is shining red with EFF posters!

The economic freedom fighters president will be on the youth day be at the limpopo province at sibasa near Thohoyandou addressing the the people of Thohoyandou.

Many believe that he will touch many issues which are affecting the people of thohoyandoubecause to be honest there are lot of issues which are affecting people around thohoyandou.

One of The Big issue which is affecting the community is the water crisis we still have communities around who does not even have water and for them to get water they travel many distance to get water in thohoyandou.

They go to places like rivers, dams and lakes and and it is dangerous for people such as children to go there without any guardian because they are crocodiles, and because it's a bushes there are also some snakes.

So the comment least expecting solution to this type of problems that are affecting the people in the Limpopo province specially where you will be addressing because also attending there are also some other problems such as potholes,unemploymentand others.


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