'Home Alone' Star Macaulay Culkin Welcomes First Child With Brenda Song


I am sure most nigerians would have watch this movie titled 'Home Alone'. The movie is a very popular movie to the extent that if you have not watch it, you would have definitely come across it. The movie is all about a young boy who was left at home by his parents mistakenly. They left him at home because they had many children in the house so they could not remember realise they left one particular boy at home. 

After the family left for vacation to another country entirely, It was until when they got to the new country for their vacation that they realised they left one of their children at home. Meanwhile, The boy left at home was happy that they left him at home. Not too long, Robbers came to their house and he really dealt with those robbers. 

I am sure you can remember the movie now. Well, I am glad to inform you that the little kid of that year is now a big man. In fact he is in his 40's. This is to let you know that the Home Alone movie must have been made far back. The home alone boy name is Macaulay Culkin and he is just about to welcome his first child with his wife Brenda Song. See Photos of the couple's below:

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