Teaching Combinations That May Earn One A job Soon After Graduation


Education is one of the most expansive sector in Kenya and very important as it helps define the total process of developing human abilities and behaviour of young people. Education commences at primary level via secondary schools to the higher institutions of learning including technical and vocational training colleges not leaving behind universities.

The quality of education provided depends on the teachers level of training hence the teachers service commission helps to post trained teachers to respective institutions. Currently teachers posted to secondary schools require to have a bachelors degree in arts or sciences and there are numerous teaching combinations that are available but what matters is the marketibility of the combinations.

We have gone a notch higher to present you teaching combinations that are of high demand;

1. Mathematics and Chemistry

2. Mathematics and physics

3. Mathematics and Computer studies

4. Biology and Chemistry

5. Chemistry and Physics

6. Computer studies with any other subject

7. Biology and Agriculture

8. English and Literature

9. Geography and Mathematics

Note: All teaching combinations are marketable as well because jobs range from private sectors, board of management terms and teachers service commission terms.

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