I want you to sit on the destiny of my entire generation - Man says after seeing a wedding guest

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A wedding guest has got people really admiring her after posting two extraordinary pictures. She only went to a wedding after an invite and later turned out to be the talk of the day. Weekends are for weddings and for this reason, Empress had to attend a wedding which she had been given an invite to witness. This beautiful woman went to the wedding and as usual, decided to take a few shots.

She only thought he was taking some nice pictures which is really true but she ended up also gaining the love from netizens. I need not tell you about the attraction which a heavy backside brings to ladies because this generation has made it evident that possessing such goods makes us value you with high prestige.

Empress only posted two pictures and captioned it "wedding guest" only to get people moving in all directions and showering words of praise towards her. Indeed, she is a magician and her nice body really did the magic.

Some people were saying they wouldn't even have thought twice about marrying their wives once they got to see her on your wedding day. For others, they claim they wouldn't mind marrying her together with their brides on that same day. Blame her not, her body is just extraordinary.

Below are some comments which were made by netizens after getting to see the lovely wedding guest.

These comments were all cool tell the guy decided to sell the destiny of his entire generation. He had been drowned in the power of her beauty such that the only thing he could see at that point was, "I want you to sit on the destiny of my entire generation"

Now I did some men are doing the most and looking at their choice of words you get to see that the future is really going to be exciting. All credits to Empress for making the world see those perfect pictures.

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