Kennedy Agyapong, has identified three attributes that are essential for successful marriages.


Kennedy Agyapong, an Assin Central MP running on the NPP ticket, has identified three attributes that he believes are essential for successful marriages, particularly among women.

These three characteristics, as per the NPP MP are, sex acceptable, cook great and being conscious. 

Talking on the Attitude show on Net2 TV, Friday, July 2 Kennedy Agyapong contended that for a marriage association to stand the trial of time, the lady should have these three things. 

"For a lady to prevail in marriage you should sex great, cook great and regard and you will the core of the man. Whatever you say, he would offer it to you. Yet, you are not physically acceptable, you can't cook and don't regard, get lost. You are out," Kennedy Agyapong clarified. 

He added, "You can be the prettiest lady, yet you'll look revolting to your man since you don't have the foggiest idea how to cook. With regards to sex as well, you are terrible. I direct this load of sentiments toward my young ladies since they are developed at this point. You should sex great, cook great and regard and that is it. That is the absolute truth. 

Any lady who needs an effective marriage should have these three things or fail to remember it. Any individual who has these characteristics is consistently fruitful and individuals envy her since everything works out in a good way for her.