2-Challenges Faced By Teachers In A School Learning Environment And What Should Be Done To Overcome


The school learning environment must be conducive to allow the well being of teachers, learners and even school workers. It is clear that any school with favourable conditions will automatically perform well since learners and teachers have nothing to complain about.

But some schools in the country have a number of challenges that are faced by teachers and learners thus making them fail to achieve the expected objectives. Below are some of the challenges that most of our teachers undergoes while in their teaching profession.

1. Over-enrolment.

This is one of the challenge that is caused by the school management. Over-enrolment leads to over population in the school and if the school is not spacious enough or well equipped with classrooms, then the challenge remain to teachers since they will be forced to handle a huge class, this will make them feel over burdened and becomes difficult to reach each and every student in class work.

2. Limited Resources.

Resources such as teachers, books, learning media resources and even infrastructure is also a challenge faced in schools. A school whereby the teachers are few in numbers, you will find that the available teachers will be forced to do more work in order to meet the expectations of the school. Also learning resources like books in most schools is still a challenge.

The Ministry Of Education in collaboration with the government should do the following in order to overcome the two mentioned challenges.

Firstly, all schood heads should understand the nature of their school and when they enrol learners, they must put into consideration the required number of learners. This will help avoid over population in schools. Thus, available teachers find it easy to administer to learners in a more preferable way.

Secondly, the issue of resources which includes, teachers, learning materials such as books and infrastructure which includes libraries, laboratories and even classrooms. The government should plan on how to solve such challenges, like through employing more teachers, building the required facilities and supplying books in schools.

What other challenge(s) do you think teachers face and how can be overcomed? Feel free to leave your comment in the comment section also remember to share and like.

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