Photos: WhiteMoney receives his N1.750M winner's prize from Hypo.

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WhiteMoney finally receives his winner's prize from Hypo. WhiteMoney won the cash prize of N1.750M from Hypo as the overall winner during his time in the big brother's house.

WhiteMoney came first in using the product in the house and was rewarded with N1.750. He finally got his reward as he was seen receiving his cheque.

Hypo has paid o -WhiteMoney says as he uploads the picture of him receiving the cheque on his page.

As expected, WhiteMoney's caption got a lot of his fans talking on social media.

Kunle: WhiteMoney for the money. My favorite keeps winning.

Mariam: He truly deserves this Hypo wins. He was the neatest housemate in the house. 

Kings: Congratulations to my favorite.

Lucky: The money is white.

See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.

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