"Mali Safi", Netizen Reactions After Amberay Posted Her Sister On Instagram


Reknown Socialite, Amberay who has been trending on the better part of 2021,has again caused stir online online. This is after she posted her sister on her official Instagram page. In the post, Amber was wishing her Sister Ellaray a happiest birthday. She captioned it with lovely emojis and also used one of the best pictures of Ella.

Below is the photo and captions posted by Amberay.

Indeed Ellah is beautiful, and she is cute just like her elder sister. She is also a social person though she has not gained much fame like Amber. This photo has caused stir online and most of Instagram netizens have wished her a happy birthday and also acknowledged her beauty. Below are the screenshots of some of the comments from the Instagram netizens.

Happy birthday Ellaray, to many more years and may you be more successful like your sister and may almighty God bless you.

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