I Am Single, Successful But Very Lonely. Lady Cries Out


A lady who is 30 years old has narrated that she is successful in her career. According to DN2 today the woman earns good salary and has a decent car.

She went ahead and indicated that she is very lonely and had never found a serious boyfriend. She said that she is shy sometimes but she is contemplating joining a dating site.

"I am shy at times but I was thinking of getting a dating agency. Is there any that one can recommend? Or any process I can undertake to get a serious boyfriend?

In my view at 30 it will be important if the lady looks for ways to socialize, though without compromising her values. She should also be extra vigilant because not all men who will show interest on her are right. Also shy shyness is not a problem. It fades away over time. This should not be stressful. Be confident and sure of whatever you will be doing.

What is your take on this my dear reader? Kindly leave your advise down here.

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