Meet The First Kenyan African Speaker And He Is Also The Longest Serving Ever.


Ever wondered who was the first African speaker of the national assembly of the Republic of Kenya.

This is the incredible story of a Kenyan hero who was the country's first African speaker.

Kenya's first African and longest-serving Speaker was Fredrick Mbiti Gideon Mati.

On February 6, 1970, Mati was elected speaker, succeeding Henry Slade, and served until April 1988.

He was also a member of Kenya's Legislative Council from 1961 to 1970.

He has also held the position of the president of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Prior to Kenya's independence in 1963, Mati served in the government as the Minister of Health and Housing.

Mbati was the first Member of Parliament for Kitui North, now Kitui County, from 1963 to 1970.

He was one of the first two Ukambani residents to earn a university diploma.

Mbati was also the first Kenyan African to teach in the United Kingdom.

Moses Kiprono Arap Keino succeeded him.

One word for Mbati.


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