Your Kidney Is In Danger If You Start Experiencing These 4 Signs


The kidney as one of the major organs in the body is very delicate and can be affected by our lifestyle habits and diets. There are so many people who are living with kidney disease but do not know due to ignorance about the signs. In this article, i will be analysing some of the major signs of kidney disease hence i enjoin you to read till the end of this article.

There are different signs of kidney disease but most people attribute them to other health conditions. Some of the symptoms of kidney disease are not visible until the late stage. There are some things that can increase your risk of kidney disease. Some of them include; high blood pressure, age, diabetes, family history, etc.

Some of the signs your body will begin to give you once you have kidney disease include;

1. You're more tired, have less energy or are having trouble concentrating.

when your kidneys are in danger, this is one of the major signs you will begin to experience. When the kidney starts failing , toxins begins to build up in the body and this will make you feel tired , weak and decrease your concentration span.

2. You feel the need to urinate more often

If your urge of urinating in the night increases more than normal, it is a clear sign of kidney disease. When the kidney begins to fail, your urge to urinate increases since the kidney filters are damaged.

3. Your urine is foamy

When your urine begins to foam, its a clear sign of kidney disease. Foamy urine is a sign that there are protein present in urine hence the kidney is no longer able to filter the urine completely.

4. You see blood in your urine

When the kidney begins to fails, proper filteration can no longer take place hence, blood begins to leak into the urine. This can also be a sign of prostate cancer in men.

Once you start observing these signs, go to a health expert for the right treatment.